Playground Mulch Suppliers in Asterton

Playground Mulch Suppliers in Asterton

We are able to supply and install bonded play bark for recreational areas as well as pathways and other public spaces to suit your budget.

Supplying Rubber Bark in Asterton

Supplying Rubber Bark in Asterton

The products we use are all of a high quality and can be designed to suit most existing areas, our installers have worked on many projects with schools, nurseries and public spaces.

Cost of Rubber Mulch Installation in Asterton

Cost of Rubber Mulch Installation in Asterton

The cost of installing rubber mulch can vary depending upon a number of factors including, the size and depth of your chosen location.

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Rubber Playground Mulch Suppliers in Asterton 

We are specialist rubber playground mulch suppliers in Asterton SY7 8 who can also complete the installation of the surfacing. We can supply the rhino mulch in a variety of different colours, including brown and green. We can also use a mixture of green and brown to create a more natural looking area.


Rubberised mulch is great for a range of different areas, including playgrounds and parks. For info on park mulch click here The rhino mulch surfacing which we supply is a safety flooring which prevents children from getting injured when they are playing on equipment. The depth of surfacing specification is dependent on the height of the play equipment and the existing sub base. Generally, the higher the equipment, the thicker rubber shred will be needed in order to protect the young children. 

Make sure you get in touch with our professionals if you would like more information on the supply of rhino mulch. Simply fill in the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Costs of Installation in Asterton

The price of the rhino mulch surfacing from our rubber playground mulch suppliers varies depending on a number of different factors. The main factors which fluctuate the costs are the area size, existing sub base and location. When installing the rubberised shred very little preparation work is required depending upon the existing surface. This type of surfacing can be installed on almost any surface, including grass. This means that contractors won't have to spend a lot of time on site when installing the rubberised mulch. If you are interested in finding out more about the rubber shred which we supply and the cost of installation, please make sure you fill in our enquiry form.

Safety Standards in Asterton

We offer a number of surface type in Asterton SY7 8 that we are able to install just for playgrounds play area safety flooring for example wet pour, rubberised shred and even lawn mats. It's vital to get children’s play area flooring surfaces to reach standard safety standards specifications, the standard safety surfaces look into all of these specifications including the Critical Fall Height criteria. This is important for NEAP areas; for details on NEAPs please visit this page All the safety surfaces which we offer go under a number of tests before being installed in order to make sure they meet certain standards including BS EN 1177. All these surfaces are porous and that's better for the children, because the flooring will not end up slippery because standard water can pass through the flooring effortlessly. rubberised mulch is seen as a natural appearing surface area; it's made out of recycled rubber shred making your flooring non-harmful to the environment.

Recycled Rubberised Mulch Preservation Near Me

Our own local qualified team closest to you, could carry out tests plus upkeep of outdoor playground floors to keep up the area low risk and free of contaminants. It is informed that there is a washing schedule to be able to fend off needing to carry out considerable servicing to your exterior. The rates of servicing, maintenance as well as restorations will vary in accordance with the quality which the surface is in. Debris, undesirable weeds along with contaminants could lead to contaminants of one's wetpour surface area; therefore it is recommended that you simply take away this straight away so the drain structure is not going to become blocked.

Normally giving the floor a mild jet clean could prevent contamination. If you've got rhino mulch you may also clean up the surfacing by just delicately power washing and then brushing the surfacing, nevertheless you also ought to at times top up some more rubber shred. It is important to carry out recycled rubberised mulch preservation, for more information on the maintenance that shouls be done, please complete the contact box.

Repairing Rubber Shred Near Me 

We recommend carrying out regular inspections to the rubberised shred surfacing nearby, to make sure that there are no tripping hazards or any other damages which could cause children injury; for example if the surfacing starts to fret or break away, children may put the loose rubber in their mouths causing them to choke. It's important to complete servicing quickly if the playground flooring, or the surrounding areas, appears to get damaged, it will help to decrease future damages getting more serious. For details on repair, please click here Blemishes plus marks on the flooring can be removed should they be cared for when the damage is noticed.

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Pieces of rubber shred surfacing can be loose-fitting from time to time and so this is crucial for you to undertake important preservation to avoid this from spreading and then damaging your entire area. We are experts when it comes to repairing rubber shred and can complete both minor and major fixes at reasonable costs.

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If you require more information on the repairs of rhino shred or the installation of the safety surfacing, please send us your details using our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry, our rubber playground mulch suppliers in Asterton SY7 8 will offer you advice and a quotation to supply and install rubber mulch in your facility.

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