Rubber Playground Mulch in Askham Bryan

Rubber Playground Mulch in Askham Bryan

Specialists in the construction of rubber mulch play areas for nurseries and schools, as well as pathways and public parks for a soft recreational surface.

Kids' Play Surfaces in Askham Bryan

Kids' Play Surfaces in Askham Bryan

Children's play areas often have climbing equipment and it's important to install a safety surface beneath these structures, rubber mulch is an ideal solution for this.

Installing Rubber Mulch in Askham Bryan

Installing Rubber Mulch in Askham Bryan

When installing rubber mulch surfaces, it is always important that you have specialists on hand who are able to provide you with great results, that are long lasting and effective.

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Rubber Playground Mulch in Askham Bryan

Our rubber chippings playground mulch is the best for all outdoor play spaces, allowing you to create a more engaging, long-lasting, and safe environment!

We are specialists in the supply and install of rubber playground mulch in Askham Bryan YO23 3 , and we can offer top-quality installations. This type of safety surfacing is great for rubber play areas and parks due to the safety features included. Rubberised mulch is a soft surface, which makes the children much safer if they fall.

The depth of the rubberised mulch is dependent on the height of play equipment installed on top of the surface - known as the Critical Fall Height (CFH). A certain depth will be required to ensure the safety of children following the bs en 1177. A critical fall height safety standard of up to 1.6 metres may be achieved with a 50mm depth.


Rubber playground mulch is well-liked in parks and other recreational areas due to its natural appearance. For more details on the depth, please click here. Safety surfacing is available in a variety of different colours to meet specific requirements. Feel free to contact our team if you would like an idea of the costs to install this surface type.

Bonded Mulch Specification

Unlike loose fill, bound rubber chippings mulch materials are produced recycled vehicle tyres and are typically installed for local play areas closest to you in Askham Bryan. This surface designed looks comparable to wooden play chippings since the rubber chippings from tyres is crumbled into tiny pieces. They are then combined with a specialist glue and laid onto the elected surface area with the required design and style. The shredded flooring is a preferred option for children's rubber play areas, in addition to many other exterior places. 

Just like wet pour, glued rubberised mulch is applied in an assortment of depths. To find out about the installation, please click here. The thickness of the surfacing is dependent upon the Critical Fall Height from the rubber play area features. 

The tests follow the British Safety Standards and met the bs en 1177. Various components, including play constructions and climbing frames, can often get the rubber chippings play bark surfacing laid around them. Together with presenting top-rated safety features, the colour choices and specification are excellent for current rustic designs and timber features.

Installing Play Area Surfacing in Askham Bryan 

Rubber bonded shred safety surfacing has a considerable advantage over loose fill, and that is its ability to be applied right on your lawn and without edging. It is suitable for surfaces that get muddy and waterlogged while in rainy weather and is wire free.

Due to its versatile specification, the glued rubber chippings bark can is appliable around pre-existing apparatus and features. We do not have to install any groundwork, so we are prepared to offer excellent prices to accommodate you. We will be able to present you with a reasonably priced estimate to perform this sort of project with play chippings rubber. 

You could choose between many coloured rubber chippings selections when we are setting up the bonded play bark areas. The most used colours are brown and green for rustic spaces. We could mix the green and red play chippings bark to make a more exciting specification for you. Every customer can pick an original design that fits their budget and requirements.

Children's Play Structures Near Me

Concerning facilities with existing outdoor furniture and structures in Askham Bryan YO23 3 we can install the rubber chippings surfacing to fit with them. You might have equipment like climbing structures, roundabouts, picnic benches and slides, and we can work around these.


The rubber chippings mulch possesses porous properties, which happens to be one more great function. It enables rainwater to pass to the flooring, stopping flooding and waterlogging on the playground. This property allows the flooring to have minimal upkeep all year round and can be used frequently.

It is a terrific weather substitute for wooden play chippings since it doesn’t lose its appearance because it's stuck together using a binder. You will not get any loose shred from the area as it is all stuck down solidly.

Damage Resistant Flooring

Our own bonded rubber chippings bark is specifically created to have resilient strength and durability better than loose fill. Even in playgrounds that are used frequently, the bonded mulch flooring is resistant against damage and wear. The impact-absorbing qualities create improved safety qualities for kids. It has been often constructed to be an impact absorbing surface type under playground apparatus. In addition, it makes a good looking and decorative specification for community areas and pathways.

Open parks and leisure spaces nearby will occasionally have the bonded mulch flooring laid to make a comfortable walkway through woods and grassy surfaces. These can be used for golf course pathways and other outside areas to cushion players' bones when walking around. To learn more about the paths, please visit this page

Regular brushing should be sufficient to help keep the flooring free of grime and rubbish. The upkeep may then stop litter from being stuck in the gaps of the flooring system. We recommend keeping the flooring as fresh as possible to make sure it’s still safe at all times.

Outdoor Play Area Surfaces in Askham Bryan

We can install safety surfaces that include wet pour, rubberised mulch and lawn mats meant for recreational places and their surrounding areas in Askham Bryan. It is essential for children’s playground flooring to meet standard safety laws; our safety floors see these types of specifications, such as the Critical Fall Height specification.

This rubber play area flooring feature will be made porous to allow them to be used in any climate mainly because standard water moves within them successfully. For play-area surface types that demand a more natural appearance, rubber mulch flooring is usually installed to accommodate the natural surroundings.

Do you have to remove wood mulch before putting down rubber chippings mulch?

Shredded wood mulch does not need to be removed, but big pine bark nuggets should be removed to prevent them from mingling. After you mulch, some tiny weed seed that was already in the earth will germinate.

Is rubber chippings mulch better than wood mulch?

When compared to wood mulch, rubber chippings mulch will stay considerably longer in your garden bed. This is due to the fact that it is not absorbed by the soil and breaks down slowly. Rubber chippings mulch is thicker than wood mulch, so it won't blow away or degrade in bad weather. It's even easier to keep up with than wood mulch.

Is rubber chippings mulch cancerous?

There is no evidence that the lead element contained in rubber chippings mulch poses a cancer risk or a health hazard.

Maintaining Safety Surfacing Near Me

Our professionals could also complete preservation and examining to keep your rubber chippings play area safe and in top condition. It is informed that you have a cleaning up approach to reducing problematic servicing towards the exterior. The cost of upkeep and renovations changes due to surface area kind and volume and restorations and maintenance required.

It is advisable to look at your rubber chippings recreation space exterior for any leaves, undesirable weeds and rubbish and remove these quickly to stop the flooring from getting flooded as well as contaminated. Contaminants are often eliminated simply by cleansing the floor frequently, including a light power rinse.


Rubber chippings mulch flooring could have a power cleanse to clear debris, and you should top up the rubberised mulch shred after a certain amount of time. Should the play chippings rubber from the area floor get damaged, immediately have reactive upkeep done to lessen more expensive maintenance tasks.

Remove marks and stains due to things such as chewing gum without difficulty once they are noticed quickly. Children may well grab rubberised mulch that is loose, which sometimes leads to more problems for the area; you must have the rubberised mulch re-loaded.

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