Woodland Mulch Surfaces in Helens Bay

Woodland Mulch Surfaces in Helens Bay

Due to its natural appearance, we often install bonded rubber mulch in woodland areas surrounding trees as it is in-keeping with the rural themed design.

Public Park Flooring in Helens Bay

Public Park Flooring in Helens Bay

The shredded rubber material is ideal for creating a natural look with woodland areas so it adds safety qualities without changing the overall appearance.

Rhino Mulch Prices in Helens Bay

Rhino Mulch Prices in Helens Bay

The cost of rhino mulch in your surrounding area can vary depending upon a number of factors including; area size and location.

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Rubber Mulch in Woodland Areas in Helens Bay

As industry leaders for Rubber Mulch in Woodland Areas in Helens Bay BT19 1 , we take great pride in our specialised services we offer alongside our high quality products. As it's a soft form of flooring, this allows it the area to remain safe for all involved, including children. Alongside it's safety, we can provide an array of colours and design for you as the customer to choose from. We're incredibly flexible with what we offer and we can ensure that we will satisfy your needs.


For more information on how we can install this surface in woodlands areas please complete the contact form and we will get right back to you.

Critical Fall Height 

Our surfaces all have the depth in order to achieve 'Critical Fall Height' (CFH) this makes it safer to all children if they fall over, or off anything. This ensures that the equipment is never too high where falling off, could lead to serious damage. The CFH is determined by the height of the equipment and the surface already placed. For more details regarding the depth of surfacing and the CFH please click here https://www.rubberplaybark.co.uk/depth/north-down/helens-bay/ Generally if the equipment is taller the mulch needs to be thicker. 

Rhino Mulch Prices Near Me

Prices do vary with our products. Rubberised Shed for woodland areas is a high quality material; naturally this makes it a premium product. Also, your location can influence the price you pay. If you are far away from where we are based this may make the price more expensive due to transport and delivery costs. Wherever you are, the possibility of us getting to you is not a problem. We are a nationwide company.

Our Rhino Shred Prices in Helens Bay BT19 1 may be higher than competitors; however we do offer competitive rates. In the case you do find them to be higher than competitors, this is because our price is based on the fact that we're specialists who have been in the surfacing industry for a long time and we only use premium materials. There will be cheaper contractors out there but please be careful as they might not have enough experience and might not use high quality products. You can find out more information regarding the prices of rubberised shred for woodlands spaces by filling in the enquiry form presented on this page.

Rubberised Mulch Safety Near Me

In reference to the rubberised mulch safety in woodlands spaces, we supply a quantity of floor types that we are able to easily create just for nearby play areas playground safety surfacing for example wet pour, rubberised mulch along with turf mats. It's necessary to get children’s playground floor in order to reach safety specifications for both the park and the surrounding areas, the safety surfacing look into these kinds of specifications such as CFH criteria. The woodlands flooring specs are also created permeable so they can be utilised in any climate conditions simply because water moves within them easily. Mulch is known as a rubberised surface area, and it is the widely used in woodlands spaces. You can find out more about the different surfacing specs here https://www.rubberplaybark.co.uk/spec/north-down/helens-bay/ Rubber shred could be a more natural looking surface; it happens to be created from reusable rubberised shred gaining your surfacing eco-friendly. Since you can install mulch in natural colours like brown and green, it's great for woodlands areas. 

Upkeep of Woodland Shredded Mulch in Helens Bay

Our very own qualified workforce closest to you, also can complete tests and then repairs of outdoor woodland floors which keep the area safe and without debris. It is well-advised that you've a washing approach in an effort to prevent the need to have major renovations for the surfacing. The prices to clean up and then restoration some sort of woodland area surfacing changes according to the condition of your floor as well as any problems it has sustained. Upkeep of the Woodland Shredded Mulch is of high importance. It's important to inspect your rubber play area floor for leaves, undesirable weeds or even rubbish and get rid of all of these quickly to prevent surfacing from being swamped and contaminated.


Working with a light pressure rinse as well as brushing the floors routinely is generally satisfactory to avoid the surfacing from being contaminants. Rubber shred surfaces in woodlands areas might also have to have a jet wash to clear contaminants, and you will want to reload the rubberised mulch shred after waiting a certain length of time. When a play-area surface does get impaired re-active servicing needs to be taken for your woodland area ASAP to reduce very expensive servicing. Stains and markings on the surface are easy to remove should they be cared for as soon as the damage is found. Some rubber mulch surfacing can become loosened eventually therefore this is very important to complete essential preservation to avoid it from dispersing and impairing the whole flooring. For more information on upkeep of woodland shredded mulch, make sure to contact us.

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