Rubber Mulch Repair in Aston Eyre

Rubber Mulch Repair in Aston Eyre

If you have rubber bark surfacing which has become damaged, our experts can complete repairs or provide you with a DIY kit to fix small areas yourself.

Play Flooring Maintenance in Aston Eyre

Play Flooring Maintenance in Aston Eyre

It's important to ensure you look after your rubber mulch flooring through regular maintenance to clear away debris and dirt so the surface does not become damaged.

Proactive Approach to Maintenance in Aston Eyre

Proactive Approach to Maintenance in Aston Eyre

Having a proactive maintenance plan in place is a great way to ensure that you are able to reduce the chances of major repairs being carried out, whilst improving the effectiveness of the surface.

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Recycled Rubber Mulch Repair in Aston Eyre

We are able to carry out recycled rubberised mulch repair in Aston Eyre WV16 6 if you find your surfacing has been damaged. It is important that you repair any damages quickly to save you money in the long run and prevent harm to people using the facility. If general wear and tear is not fixed promptly, the flooring could become a hazard. Rips and tears can cause kids to fall over, especially if they are using the surface for the daily mile where they can fall over when running. For more info on the daily mile click here As well as people tripping on rips within the surface, another thing that can be harmful is if the rubber starts to break off young children may put the rubber in their mouths which could contain toxins and cause them to choke. We would recommend carrying out regular inspections to make sure that the surface is still in good quality to prevent these risks.


In order to keep young people safe when using these kinds of areas, you need to repair any damages as soon as possible. If you'd like advice, information or details on the cost to repair your bonded rubberised mulch area, make sure you fill in our contact form. Once we have received your enquiry one of our professional team members will get back to you.

Playground Safety Surfacing Repairs in Aston Eyre

We offer a selection of surfaces that we are able to install for the purpose of playgrounds recreation space safety flooring for instance wet pour, rubber shred along with lawn mats. It's important to get children’s recreation space surfaces in order to reach safety legislation, the standard safety floors look into these standards like the Critical Fall Height necessity. Rubberised shred is a more natural looking surfacing; it happens to be produced from reusable rubber shred making the flooring eco-friendly. The play area flooring specs are also designed to be permeable allowing them to be utilised in every condition since water moves through these effectively. 

If the surface becomes damaged, it is important to carry out playground safety surfacing repairs right away. Repairing the surface early on will help prevent any further damages appearing. This means you are less likely to pay for more costly repairs.

Proactive Approach

We reccomend you take a proactive approach to the maintenance of your rubber shred surface. This approach involves regular brushing and sweeping of the area near me to ensure that there is no build up of dirt which blocks the pores. We also reccommend that you give your surface a light jet wash to maintain the flooring. If your playground safety rhino mulch gets contaminated by dirt and algae, the pores of the surfacing could get blocked. In the event that this happens, the rhino mulch could lose its porosity therefore a proactive approach would be better in the long term for your facility, as it can also help to reduce costs and long term damage.

Preservation of Rubberised Shred Near Me

Our own local specialised crew closest to you, can also perform exams along with maintenance of outside playground floors keeping surface safe plus free from contaminants. To lessen the requirement of significant repair services, we encourage a consistent servicing system. The expenses to clean up and also improve any recreation space floor changes depending upon the quality of the floor surfaces and then for any problems they have sustained. It's very helpful to look at your nearby rubber recreational area exterior for any contaminants, weed growth or even debris and take off these straight away to prevent surfacing from being filled as well as effected.

Repairing Rubber Mulch Surfacing Near Me

Sometimes giving the flooring and the surrounding areas a light power wash will probably be a sufficient amount to avoid contamination. If you have rubberised mulch you could also clean the surface simply by lightly jet cleaning plus sweeping the floor, but you should reload some rubber. To learn more about the surfacing please click here Re-active maintenance is very important if your surface appears to get impaired, when you wait around too long your restorations can get higher in price. Children could pick-up rubber shred that is loose which can often trigger a lot more problems to the floor; when this happens it is essential that you receive this rubberised mulch re-filled.


If you have any questions on repairing rubber mulch surfacing, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team. We will be pleased to answer any queries you have and will provide more details if necessary.

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If you are interested in finding out more about preservation and repairs of rhino mulch surfacing, please fill out one of our contact form provided. We specialise in recycled rubberised mulch repair in Aston Eyre WV16 6 and our team will be happy to give further details regarding the repair work, or can give you information on the installation of a Recycled Rubber Mulch Surface.

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