Rubber Mulch Depth in Auchencrow

Rubber Mulch Depth in Auchencrow

The play bark surfacing can be applied at different depths depending on the Critical Fall Height of any equipment which is in the area, this is to allow for the best safety qualities.

Playground Safety Surface in Auchencrow

Playground Safety Surface in Auchencrow

Due to the impact absorbing qualities of this rubber play bark, it is perfect for areas where children are running around and climbing as it creates a safer landing surface.

Rubber Play Thickness in Auchencrow

Rubber Play Thickness in Auchencrow

The thickness of rubber play bark is important to ensure that you will get the safest finish which suits the users and the equipment in place.

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Depth of Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds in Auchencrow

The depth of rubber mulch for playgrounds in Auchencrow TD14 5 can vary depending on a number of different factors which affect the Critical Fall Height (CFH). Before we can determine the thickness or depth of the rubber surfacing, we will need to know what the existing sub base is and the height of the play equipment which will be on the area. After we have got this information, we may then calculate the CFH. This is very important for playgrounds which young people will be using, because it prevents them from becoming injured in the event that they fall off the equipment. If the playground equipment is higher, the depth of the mulch will need to be thicker. Generally, concrete and tarmac sub bases tend to require thicker rubber shred when compared to the depth required for MOT type 1 stone. 

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What CFH is Required for Rhino Mulch?

If you would like to have rubber shred installed in your local playground closest to you but you are unsure about the CFH required, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can find out more about our installers here or you could get in touch with us using our enquiry form. We can then assist you with choosing the correct thickness and surfacing to suit your play area. Many individuals near me often search 'reccommended depth of play surface and its surrounding areas' which is why we are here to make this easy for you. 

If you are wondering what CFH is required for rhino mulch, it can depend on a number of different factors. Get in touch with our team today to find out how thick the rhino mulch should be installed to offer safety properties for the kids using the area.

Critical Fall Height

We supply a variety of floor types in Auchencrow TD14 5 which we are able to install for play areas playground safety floors for example wetpour, rubberised shred as well as turf mats. The floors we all fix are verified to fulfil Critical Fall Height ratings for every play area products in your area to be certain highest safeguards for youngsters. We make sure all of our surfacing designs are porous (making it possible standard water to empty all through the drainage structure with success) so the surface area doesn't end up being slippery which might result in the kids to become affected. If you are searching for the more natural visual appeal, it is recommended that you look to rubberised mulch; rhino mulch is the environmentally friendly surface since it's formulated from recycled rubberised shred.

Repairs and Maintenance in Auchencrow

Upkeep and testing may also be performed by our very own experts to keep your own recreational area risk-free as well as in perfect condition. To lower the requirement for any type of severe servicing, we will encourage a frequent cleansing strategy. The cost to clean plus restore any play-area floor will differ based on the state for the floor surfaces and also any deterioration they have sustained. When your rubber surface has debris, weeds or other contaminants on there, it is best to remove it straight away; this is important given that contamination can prevent the drainage structure. Contamination can be stopped simply by cleaning the surfacing on a regular basis, including a mild jet wash. Rhino mulch surfaces may also have to have a power rinse to clear dirt, and you ought to top up the rubberised shred following a certain space of time. For more info regarding repairs and maintenance make certain to contact us. 

Rubber Play Bark Thickness Near Me

The rubber play bark thickness will depend on the height of the play equipment in the area and the existing suface you are using as a sub base. Obviously if the equipment is higher, a thicker system will be required in order to provide safety qualities. 


It's important to carry out servicing at the earliest opportunity if the nearby play area floor surface does become damaged, this will help to decrease fees of the problem becoming worse. In the event you leave problems to develop, costly repairs could be needed. For details on repair click here If a bit of ones glued rubberised mulch ends up being loosened it could be picked at creating the get worse; in such a circumstance a rhino mulch repair is needed.

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